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10 ผลการค้นหาสำหรับ บัลแกเรีย

Stafford Global

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Stafford has provided quality education for over 20 years. The firm serves the Middle East and is expanding globally. At Stafford, we offer courses in various disciplines including executive MBA, doctorates and diplomas.

Varna University of Management

MBA บัลแกเรีย Varna October 2019

Study in Europe in English with Varna University of Management. VUM is the highest-rated university for international students in Europe.

L’École Supérieure de la Francophonie pour l'Administration et le Management

บัลแกเรีย Sofia October 2019

L’ESFAM a été la réponse prompte et adéquate de la Francophonie institutionnelle et de la République de Bulgarie aux besoins de formation des cadres de haut niveau des pays de la région de l’Europe centrale et orientale, confrontés après 1990 aux difficiles problèmes de gestion de la transition. La décision de création de l’ESFAM a été prise par le 5ème sommet des Chefs d’État et de gouvernement ayant le Français en partage (Ile Maurice, octobre 1993).

European Polytechnical University

บัลแกเรีย Pernik October 2019

The European Polytechnical University is a multinational centre of interaction between contemporary tuition, scientific research activities and innovations, and academic and business co-operation.

VUZF University

บัลแกเรีย Sofia October 2019

VUZF University is a private institution of higher education, located in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia city. It is the first private university specialized in the area of finance, insurance, management and marketing in Republic of Bulgaria. In the past five years, it strongly focused its education program on finance, innovation, business and entrepreneurship studies.

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts - NATFA

บัลแกเรีย Sofia October 2019

NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov” pursues its mission and goals through meeting objectives which govern the educational, creative, organizational and public activity of the Academy.

Balkan Heritage Field School

บัลแกเรีย Sofia October 2019

The Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS, started in 2003) is a program of the Balkan Heritage Foundation (Bulgarian public, non-profit, non-governmental organization) for practical education in the field of archeology, history and art history of South-Eastern Europe, as well as documentation, conservation and restoration of historic artifacts and monuments, taught in English, currently in three Balkan countries

Technical University of Varna

บัลแกเรีย Varna October 2019

The new university should provide engineers for shipbuilding, transport, machinery, electricity and communications technology needed for industrial complexes in chemistry, shipbuilding and ship repair, engine building, transport, electrical engineering, electronics and communications developing in northeastern Bulgaria.

HRC Academy

บัลแกเรีย Sofia March 2016

The HRC Academy offers 2-year program in Culinary Arts and 3-semester program in F&B Management, developed by educational and industry leaders. The program is completely taught in English by international Chef instructors and includes an internship in the USA.

European Polytechnical University

MBA บัลแกเรีย Pernik October 2019

The European Polytechnical University is a multinational centre of interaction between contemporary tuition, scientific research activities and innovations, and academic and business co-operation.