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As is well known, nowadays there are lots of state and private higher educational establishments in Ukraine that train personnel on business. But what makes our institute different from all of them? WIUU, the first joint Ukrainian-American Institute, established in 1997, is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to offer Bachelor and Master Programs. WIUU is the only University in Ukraine having the programs accredited by the International Accrediting Agency – FIBAA. WIUU membership in American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and German-Ukrainian Society of Economics and Science (Bonn, Berlin, Mainz) as well as a number of partner Universities abroad enable WIUU students to practice, study and train abroad (the USA and Western Europe), developing a significant measure of expertise concerning culture, politics, economics and languages. WIUU offers a full range of summer and winter programs in Florida, Heidelberg, Munich, London, Plymouth, Madrid, Paris, and Strasbourg. WIUU students integrate the knowledge of Ukrainian and American curricula into the activities of international companies and enterprises. Courses and internship taken at WIUU partner universities are recognized by WIUU. Countries represented at WIUU Students from different countries have attended WIUU: Azerbaijan, Belgium, Egypt, Finland, Georgia, Ghana, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, People’s Republic of China, Republic of Cameroon, Republic of Gambia, Republic of Serbia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, the USA etc. Research activities WIUU faculty and students take part in research activities of the University. American and Ukrainian faculty help students to build up their research skills and offer academic counseling in different subject areas. WIUU organizes and takes an active part in international conferences and seminars in Ukraine and abroad. WIUU publishes a Research Journals “Education, Management, and Business: International Dimension”. WIUU Master Class There is a Master Class on Problems of Sustainable Development provided for WIUU students. Experts of international organizations, responsible members of diplomatic missions, MPs, non-government organizations and business circles are invited to work with the students in the Master Class format. WIUU degree programs Joint Ukrainian – American Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management / International Business leading students to Ukrainian Diplomas – Bachelor of Management / Bachelor of International Business and International Diploma – Bachelor of Business Administration. American Degree – Bachelor of Business Administration leading students to International Diploma – Bachelor of Business Administration. Ukrainian Degree – Bachelor of Management leading to Ukrainian State Diploma – Bachelor of Management Ukrainian Degree – Bachelor of International Business leading to Diploma in International Business American Degree – Master of Business Administration (MBA) leading to International Diploma – Master of Business Administration. Ukrainian Degree – Master of International Management leading to Ukrainian State Diploma -Master of International Management. Career counseling and internship service Business internship was created at WIUU as a step toward reaching the goals of becoming the leading educational establishment in its students' employability. The main purpose of an internship is providing students with practical experience in business according to international and Ukrainian standards. Membership in the American Chamber of Commerce and German-Ukrainian Society of Economics and Science helps WIUU to find companies to cooperate with. Library and internet center WIUU has a high-quality library, which serves as one of the major tools for studying at WIUU. The library holds textbooks, books, science journals and other academic literature in Ukrainian, English, German, Russian and other languages. WIUU server holds catalog and dictionaries which can be easily accessed. Students can use a reading room for their conveniences. WIUU library staff is always willing to assist you in information search. WIUU Internet Center opens access to virtual Internet databases: libraries, information centers, foreign publishing houses, archives and science magazines. The internet provides distance learning technologies and connects WIUU to colleagues and partners throughout the world. Scholarships and awards The scholarship is granted to the winners of WIUU Business English Competition selected by the Board. The best students are offered a scholarship for studying at WIUU, ICM, Richmond University and other partner universities following the recommendation of WIUU Board. Non-degree programs Language School, Courses and Test Preparation in English, German and Spanish

  • Regular Semester Courses (September-December; February-May)
  • Intensive Summer Courses (July and August)
  • Training with native speakers.

WIUU offers test preparation including TOEFL, GMAT, and IELTS as well as Programs for Local Business Executives. WIUU organizes Mini-MBA Programs, training, and seminars for local business executives who need training in specific areas of Human Capital, Economics, International Standards of Accounting, Sales Technologies, Marketing, Hotel Management, German, English etc. The aim is to provide knowledge and skills according to the expectations and desired outcomes of the trainees. Careful needs analysis is carried out before the program starts. The program is designed with consideration of the trainees’ needs and background. Our faculty is highly qualified professionals in different areas of business and management. Every year WIUU invites prominent professors from the Fulbright Scholar Program and instructors from Peace Corps and international business companies. WIUU is one of the first that has introduced Distance-Learning and Online Programs and constantly updated new methods and techniques established into the educational process. Summarizing all mentioned above, we can conclude that education at WIUU is a learning and life experience that allows young people to explore their potential and prepares them for the modern world challenges. As to students’ life at WIUU, it is rather interesting and various. These are not only classes but also research activities, participation in annual sport and cultural events and festivals organized by our University. WIUU students publish a newspaper, where they can share information, world, country and University news and reveal their finds. More than that, our students and faculty members prepare and celebrate together Ukrainian and international holidays. Students arrange diverse entertainment programs in English – concerts, games, competitions, and discos. In addition, WIUU students are also encouraged to take part in varied trips and excursions in Ukraine and other countries. Mission WIUU is a higher education community committed to helping its students become productive, entrepreneurial, competitive and responsible citizens assuming moral and ethical values. WIUU has as its mission the creation of a stimulating teaching and learning environment for the multi-cultural student body and internationally minded faculty. The programs having an international business focus are designed to meet the needs of the 21st-century professionals and leaders of the global society. WIUU students are given an opportunity to practice, study and train abroad, developing a significant measure of expertise concerning culture, politics, economics, and languages.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Campus เต็มเวลา นอกเวลา September 2018 ยูเครน Kiev

Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine” is proud to offer the MBA program. Our program is focused on the traditional MBA curriculum and exemplifies a good balance of qualitative and quantitative courses. [+]

Master of Business Administration

Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine” is proud to offer the MBA program. Our program is focused on the traditional MBA curriculum and exemplifies a good balance of qualitative and quantitative courses. Courses are taught from the middle and senior management perspective and develop the skills, knowledge, and insights that enable a shift from functional expertise to broad-based strategic leadership. The participants receive solid fundamentals along with the tools which can be immediately applied in a current business setting. Our goal is to prepare a competent and confident leader who can face the challenges of tomorrow.... [-]

8-14 Turhenevs’ka Street, room 1-4
Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine

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