Aware of the challenges that the companies and public and private institutions must face in the coming years, Instituto Internacional San Telmo decided to develop educational activities, some of them unique in Europe, that would help Top Management executives make increasingly fair and effective decisions, as well as govern with respect towards their collaborators. The Institute has a fundamental objective: the development of managerial skills of the participants in its programmes.

In July 1990, the Institute became a full right member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Institution in which the main Business Schools of Europe are represented. In October 1992, it entered the Latin-American Council of Business Administration Schools (CLADEA).

Since April 2000, Instituto Internacional San Telmo is incorporated into the Spanish Association of Business Management Schools (AEEDE ).


Instituto Internacional San Telmo has a faculty of its own; its main activities include teaching, research and consultancy to companies and institutions. This faculty is complemented by visiting professors of several Business Schools such as IESE in Barcelona (with a special collaboration) and other centres like IPADE in Mexico, IAE in Argentina, MIT and Harvard Business School in USA and INSEAD in France.

There always has been kept close and deep contact with business reality through research, consultancy and teaching activities. Therefore, the education is oriented to the real needs of working professionals and executives.

Since 1982, year in which the first Top Management programme was accomplished, more than six thousand business owners and top executives of companies and private and public institutions have done an Executive Education programme in San Telmo.

Nowadays, the Institute teaches its Programmes at its two permanent campuses in Malaga and Seville, as well as in other places of Spain.


Our Mission

The main objective of Instituto Internacional San Telmo is to deliver Executive Education to business owners, men and women, by developing their managerial skills. The Institute is conceived with the idea of covering all segments of business education; that is, from the improvement of widely-experienced executives that already have Top Management positions, to the education of young professionals with little experience, many of which will occupy important positions in the future.

The education that Instituto Internacional San Telmo offers is not theory-oriented but rather geared to the real needs of working professionals and executives.

Instituto Internacional San Telmo has had a priority to serve the immediate community where its permanent campuses are located (in Malaga and Seville) and also throughout the South of Spain, where most activities are developed. Nonetheless, the Institute has, since its inception, a strong international focus, specially oriented to Latin American and North African countries.

Another important objective of the Institute is the national and international development of the Agribusiness specialised education. It aims to become a reference in this sector through research and education to the Food Chain business owners and top executives.





Instituto Internacional San Telmo

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