MBA International Business Management

Centria University of Applied Sciences


MBA International Business Management

Centria University of Applied Sciences

Master of Business Administration - International Business Management Centria University of Applied Sciences

  • Qualification: Master's Degree in Business Administration (90 credits)
  • Study places: 20
  • Campus: Kokkola-Pietarsaari Campus, Runeberginkatu 8, Pietarsaari
  • Application period: 6.9.-20.9.2017 at 15:00 (3GMT)
  • Entrance Exam: Entrance examination will only be arranged at Centria UAS, in Pietarsaari, Finland.

The programme aims to provide training for specialist and management tasks in businesses that operate internationally. Some of the courses offered are related to tourism and event management. The Master’s degree is implemented on a two-year timescale. The second-cycle (Master’s) degree taken at a university of applied sciences is a second-cycle degree in the European higher education system and gives the same qualification for municipal and state officials as a Master’s degree taken at a university.

Who is the Degree Programme for?

You are eligible if you have a higher education degree completed in Finland or a higher education degree in the field of study completed outside Finland. You also need to have at least three years of work experience in business and administration and a command of English required for the studies.

What Are the Objectives of the Programme? The programme aims to increase professional knowledge of international tourism and event management. Having completed the programme, the student has grown into a business management professional, capable of independent decision-making, working with management or demanding expert tasks in businesses that operate in the international market or tourism and event planning business.

How are the Studies Organized?

Multimodal learning methods are used. Courses are mostly offered online including two two-day sessions on an average per course. The emphasis of learning is on independent work as well as solving distant learning assignments and development projects. The thesis as a development project is an essential part of the studies. Content of the Studies

Studies in the first spring term focus on tourism and event management and in the autumn term on international business and management. The final thesis consists of a development project conducted by a business or other organization. The attachment on the right shows the structure of studies.

Occupational Profiles

Most of the graduates of the programme work in different specialist or management positions in business as well as in tourism and event industry. Under the Finnish legislation, a person who has taken a Master's degree at a university of applied sciences is qualified for posts or positions in the public sector for which the qualification requirement is a first cycle/second cycle degree. In some cases, the qualification requirement also includes the completion of studies in certain specific fields of study.

Mode of Study

The courses of the programme are taught on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, partly online, which allows the students to work during their studies.

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ฟินแลนด์ - Pietarsaari
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