No single university can really understand what constitutes success in other regions of the world. That's why five top-ranked business schools in Asia, Europe, North and South America joined together to create OneMBA, the global executive MBA program that is more diverse and globally relevant than any other. Our mission is symbolized by the OneMBA logo, which includes the super-continent Pangaea that existed millions of years ago when the continents were connected as one.

The partner universities work together to design the OneMBA curriculum integrating perspectives and best practices from each of the world regions. OneMBA executives from around the globe continue their career while attending classes at the OneMBA partner university most convenient to them. In addition, all OneMBA executives come together for four week-long global residencies held in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia, spread over the 21-month program. Between residencies, OneMBA global teams from different world regions, work together to complete course projects. These projects are designed to add value to sponsoring companies on an ongoing basis. Upon completing the OneMBA Program, executives receive the OneMBA certificate issued by the five partner universities, as well as an MBA from their home university.

"There is simply no other MBA program on the market with the same degree of internationality, regional sensitivity and emphasis on sustainable business solutions that will benefit all stakeholders". (Dr. Lukas Guenther, OneMBA Class of 2006, Director: Islet Transplantation)

Class Schedule

The OneMBA Program begins in September 2017 and ends with graduation in May 2019.

Students meet approximately every three weeks in São Paulo, at FGV campus for two full days (Friday and Saturday) of classes. Additionally, participants from the four partner schools meet during four global residencies (Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America), each lasting seven days. The residencies spread over the 21-month program allow executives to experience the business culture of each region first-hand.

Curriculum Overview

Global residencies: OneMBA participants from around the world come together for four weeklong global residencies held on four continents. They participate in classes taught by local professors, visit regional and multinational companies, and meet local business and government leaders. The European, Latin American and Asian residencies include travel to both emerging and developed countries.

Global core courses: Between residencies, OneMBA participants attend global core courses at their home school. Each course includes a major project that requires working remotely with global team members from the other partner schools.

Regional courses: Each school completes the curriculum with additional regional courses that are proven to accelerate career success in its world region.

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